It is fascinating to watch boxers boxing with the gloves but is more interesting and fun to actually throw punches by wearing those gloves. No doubt kickboxing is the best MMA sport with multiple benefits but it is the hilarity of the sport that attracts individuals to learn and stick to the training. Learn more about the benefits of kickboxing.

1. Accelerates flexibility
Before learning actual kickboxing techniques, some set of warm-up exercises are done which involves several stretches for your hip and shoulders which will prepare you for the techniques to be learned in the class. In addition to this, kickboxing involves some moves such as high kicks to the front and side that will make your body super supple.

2. Intensifies Endurance
kickboxing involves a lot of repetitive moves to be performed at a very quick pace, speed and powerful punches, roundhouse kicks, and many more are performed constantly for 2-3 minutes without any break. Your muscles won’t get any time to rest and are trained to work longer, eventually building endurance.

3. Relieves Stress and improves mental health
After a long stressful day, we feel like screaming and kicking our stress. What’s better when you can actually kick it with kickboxing? Being an explosive sport, kickboxing involves a lot of rapid movements that will relieve your strength and will make you feel better.

4. Burns maximum calories
This high-intensity constant motion sport will raise your heart rate that will result in burning more than 500 calories in an hour. Moreover, this will also aid in avoiding fat accumulation, heart disease, and diabetes.

5. Improves Coordination
Kickboxing involves a lot of combos, jabs, punches, kicks that should be performed in a sync, as a result, your body will improve its balancing power and coordination.

6. Tones whole body
You need your complete body to perform kickboxing, the sport do not just works on kicks and punches but also involves other workouts such as calisthenics, squats, pop squats, burpees, push-ups and many more that will help in toning your body.

Kickboxing is a high-intensity sport that will transform your body within a small time. Additionally, the joy you get to experience in the training process will constantly keep you motivated to attain your goal. Take MMA classes now and learn various sports by reaping the maximum benefits out of all the sports.

Chaos and surprise are the perfect words to describe my feelings the moment I stepped into the academy. As a layman with zero knowledge of MMA, I had this common notion about martial arts is that – people fight using some defined moves, but what I saw at the academy was totally different. Let me elaborate on everything that was going on more specifically. A group of people (fighters) were performing a common workout. I guess they were doing their warm-up, certainly not the kind of workout we see at the gym. The fighters were wearing punching gloves, working out in pairs, where one guy was punching and the other was dodging to defend against punching. Even Though this was just a warm-up workout, the fighters were doing it with an immense dedication and I could literally feel that fire which was visible in everybody’s eyes. Once this warm-up using the gloves was done, another set of moves were being performed, and these moves were performed on the ground. Again, this was performed in pairs. I am not familiar with these moves, hence to my understanding, it was more like grabbing and choking a person. I was really confused and had no idea what it was? Out of curiosity, I asked the trainer who was training these fighters about those moves, and then he explained to me about the sport and workout. The moves which were being performed standing was called striking, key move of kickboxing and the ones performed on the ground was called grappling, key move of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These sports build up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). One thing that blew me out was to see those fighters constantly working out without any breaks and with such determination.

It was really interesting to watch people learning and practicing MMA. Later, in the evening, so many people started to walk in, not only men but women and kids as well. They come to learn MMA and the number of students was pretty good. Guess what? The professional fighters whom I saw practicing in the morning were the trainers. To be trained under such professional fighters is remarkably excellent, you will definitely get to learn a lot. I could see no difference in the training process, it was the same the fighters were being trained on. Although this is a pretty hard workout, I could see people enjoying. All the moves were unique which involved a lot of technique but was really fun. The trainers were sweet as well as creative, I could also see some students clarifying their doubts with the trainers. The trainers were not only clarifying their doubts but were also providing other information about the sport and also sharing their experiences with the students. After spending a day at the academy, at the end of the day, I really had this urge to learn MMA by enrolling myself here. I felt the MMA moves are very effective, not only in terms of fighting but this sport will also make you fit both physically as well as mentally.




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