About Us


Established in 2011.ICSA has been on a journey to become a home and a breeding ground for fighters. Our fighters are forged with the syles of Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and MMA. Being the pioneer gym of MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu in south India, we have established a strong foothold in the field. Over the years, we have achieved the title of being the best fight team in India because of our dominance in the game. With some of the best coaches in the country, ICSA strives to help its members achieve their goals whether it’s fitness or being a world-class athlete. We make periodized programs with a blend of skills, strength, conditioning, and nutrition that cater to your needs. We are team ICSA, where fighters are made.Etiam ornare, mauris vitae aliquam feugiat, velit velit blandit turpis, eu ultricies quam magna non urna. Nulla odio justo, hendrerit quam eget, pharetra lacinia tellus. Suspendisse ac lorem congue, cursus sem sit amet, tincidunt erat. Sed in malesuada urna.


early days

ICSA started with the idea of bringing Indian fighters to the world stage. ICSA aimed at breaking the stereotype that Indians cannot fight. Starting out as a striking team we took the competition by storm and conquered the amateur circuits. We then entered the untested waters of BJJ. There, with our hustle, we competed and dominated the BJJ circuits.The atmosphere of rawness and hustle which was, in the beginning, is still maintained today due to the fact that those are the pillars on which ICSA is formed. ICSA always was and will be a breeding ground and home for fighters that choose to challenge the norms.



Led by our head coach Jitesh Banjan we have dominated in the fields of kickboxing, BJJ, and MMA. We began as a striking team and became the very best in it. Known for our technical abilities we advanced into the fields of BJJ, participated, and displayed our strength in every competition. The idea of ICSA was to give Indian fighters a home to train and provide them with the required skills in order to compete on the world stage. Our history is full of struggles and those struggles define us and made us one of the best teams in India.


ICSA is one destination for anyone and everyone interested in Mixed Martial Arts, Kichboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Takedown and conditioning. We are very active in professional fights and championships held in India and international platform.


We strictly believe on one principle that “trust is earned” and hence our discipline and programs are built to last till the final round of a professional fight. Right from the beginning our training has established a mechanism which instantly absorb the ture form of participant.ar dapibus leo.


Our training methodology is built in such a way that individual care is for all the associated clients, fighters and members. Our team is always prompt with response and remedy of something which needs attention