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Buy Greenpan

I have been using greenpan for about 8 months or so. I really love them! I started out by using the lima set and just ordered more during Black Friday sales. The only pan I ever had a problem with was one that I accidentally left on the burner on high heat so that was my fault. As far as taking care of them. I only hand wash them, I use wooden utensils, keep it on low to medium heat and when I am done cooking I move it to the back burner to cook down completely. I never put it under water before it is done cooling. I think following those steps helps a lot. Nothing lasts forever but so far I am very satisfied!!

buy greenpan

Did you find out if greenpan contains genx. Also I heard someone say that her air monitor went to the red highly dangerous zone when cooking with greenpan, although she thinks the non stick coating was damaged. 041b061a72


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