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Everything Under The Sun Sublime Rar

Those who only know Gillespie from his 1950s efforts onwards can have no conception as to the veritable force of nature his trumpet playing was in the 1940s. This CD collation of the earliest sides under his leadership, made for tiny labels such as Guild and Musicraft, will have your jaw sagging in amazement as he consistently delivers ideas that top even those of Parker. Just to keep it interesting, Gillespie also wrote some of the most enduring bop anthems, and many of them get their first outings here. These sessions, like the Parker Savoys, are the holy tablets of bop. (KS)

Everything Under The Sun Sublime Rar

This 12-disc boxed set is the definitive CD presentation of the Film Music Collection. The series features classic scores by Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, Miklos Rozsa, Bernard Herrmann (including the unused Torn Curtain score), Alfred Newman, Alex North, Dimitri Tiomkin, and Bernstein himself (including the sublime To Kill a Mockingbird).

Russian composer Dimitri Tiomkin (1894-1979) was larger-than-life both for his showman-like personality and mammoth symphonic scores for epics like Land of the Pharaohs, Giant and The Fall of the Roman Empire. But his sense of theatricality also told him when to go "small" as well as "large," as in the ballad "Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling" from High Noon. He wrote everything from the western staple "Rawhide" to the hysterical theremin horror score for The Thing From Another World. He had a knack for melody, for knowing his audience and wearing his heart on his sleeve. IMDB

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Each track in this set is listed in its original language. When a recording was sung in a language other than the original, that title is listed immediately after in parentheses. Subtitles are given in brackets. In those instances when operatic arias or scenes were recorded over two or more sides, we have generally opted to present the entire selection as one track point, listing all matrix and catalog numbers. For example, the Coronation Scene from Boris Godunov, recorded on two sides, is listed here under one track. In one instance only did we decide to present a three-sided scene as three separate tracks: the Scene in the Duma from the 4 July 1928 Covent Garden performance of Boris Godunov, CD 10, Tracks 15, 16, and 17; this would have been difficult to list as one track because of changes in language between Italian and Russian.

From sublime bottleneck guitar and upbeat rags to classic songster tunes and hokum, this Rough Guide highlights the many different facets of country blues, with tracks by blues legends including Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charley Patton, Skip James and many, many more. 350c69d7ab


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