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downloadfreedownloadthemsfightinherds-2-. A new form of Nationalism is emerging in India. Jingoism is not an ideology of India. In his speech, Narendra Modi lays the foundation for a modern form of Indias nationalism and is the revival of Indian self-confidence. Modi also outlines a vision for Indias future. The speech will change the course of Indian history. Although it is one of Indias most outstanding leaders, Modi has the power to change the course of India. In his speech Modi talks about Indias unity and sovereignty; the integration of India, which has been a national myth for centuries; and the secularism of India. His speech is a new chapter in the history of India. He was able to bring about many changes in his country. Modi had a successful career in India. He was chief minister of Gujarat. He defeated the Indian National Congress party and formed his own party in Gujarat. At present, he is the prime minister of the country. He spoke about the first phase of restructuring of the country. Modi said India is like an immense jigsaw puzzle; the puzzle is missing its cut pieces. Modi told the people that after completing the restructure, India will be prosperous. This is how the idea of Indias independence. India needs to pay the price to gain independence from British rule.

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