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Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

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Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

MCCARTHY: She likes to party when her piano is played, goes this line, as Munoz and his group raise their glasses for the traditional salud. Couples pay no heat to the gathering night chill, they promenade arm and arm, some dressed as wealthy wazzos or cowboys with silver spurs and elegant ponchos, others as farm hands in blue jeans and boots. As if on cue, couples twirl their white handkerchiefs and begin circling hoisted skirts swaying, heels stomping.

BLANCA SOTTO: (Through translator) It's all about the seduction and concurring the other one. And there's this sustained gaze into your partner's eyes, and there's a lot of things that are said there without saying anything.

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Stead. If your lordship pleases, I'll tell you. I was very ill; he said he had not the letter then , but would bring it the next day; he went out, and came back again in half an hour, and said the Capt. will not be easy till he sees you. I said I could not go, for I was so ill that I could not tell what to do; I said I would send somebody with him, and he said it was too late; but I ordered the nurse to go with him.

Stead. About half an hour after eight at night; I got off the bed , and saw the watch hanging up; he sidled up to the chimney-piece, and put one hand up, with his handkerchief in it, to his face, to hide what he was doing, and the other he put up to the watch; he had a sort of bundle in his breast, and I was afraid he had got pistols, and that he would shoot me; then he took the watch, and said your servant madam, and run down stairs.

John Ford . I am servant to Mr. Hewitt; the Prisoner was a sober honest creature, and always looked so, and used to bring things to pledge. When she brought these gowns, I said to her, these gowns are not yours, for they are not of your size; and I said, who do they belong to? She said, to her mistress, and that she had sent them by her; and if I had not known her so long as I have, I would not have taken them in.

Jenns. I did not see him take it. He came into my shop, and asked for a shoe-maker, by a fictitious name that I knew nothing of, and he took a chair and sat down for seven or eight minutes; then he got up, passed his compliments, and said Sir, your humble servant, and shook hands with me with his right hand, and with his left he took a wig off a block. I presently missed the wig, and ran after him: I saw the wig in his left hand: I cried out, stop thief! and then he dropt the wig: I collar'd him: a constable happened to go by at the time, and I charged him with him.

'' Mrs. Silvester, I hope you have received your '' things, which is no small concern to me; but it '' will be a warning to me for the future; and if '' there are any more things missing, I will make '' them all up. There is no person I would sooner '' trust my life with, than Mrs. Silvester; and I '' beg, if you find a bill, that it may be ignoramus , '' and it will be the same thing to you, and then '' you need not appear in court; if you do, I '' shall have some punishment which you do not '' desire. I am very ill, but very much

Mrs. Humphrys . My Lord, I beg leave to speak to your Lordship: I did promise the Prisoner, before she confessed the thing, that if she would acknowledge it, I would not hurt her, and that I would not send her to Newgate.

Tod. No, a private house. He knocked at the door, and I opened it, and let him in; he enquired for my eldest sister, and he said to me , your servant, madam, how do you do? I have not seen you these fifteen years.

James Neale . On Monday the first of May, in the morning, Mr. Tufnell being out of town, Mrs. Tufnell sent for me, to inform me that her house was broke open, and to consult what was proper to be done, and I wrote to Mr. Tufnell. (I found a tool in the house, which belonged to some joiners, who were working hard by, and they owned the tool.) Upon which Mr. Tufnell came to town, and got a warrant, and we went to the Prisoner's lodgings ; he said he was surprized that I should suspect him. I saw him go to a trunk, which stood at the corner of the room, and he was fumbling about something; while I was looking into the drawers, he took something out of the trunk, and put it under his coat; I opened his coat, and there was the bag and the money: I said, are not you a rogue? this is your master's money; he made some little quibbles about it, which I do not very well remember; then I asked him after the watch, he denied it at first, but afterwards pulled it out from under some linen. He acknowledged the fact, and asked pardon.

Bird. Mr. White brought me a warrant to take up John Alcomb and his wife, and I took him up, and we went to a publick-house , and the Prisoner came to clear her husband; and she said he was innocent of the affair, and owned herself to be guilty, and Mr. White said, that is your Prisoner; so I took her into custody, and waited an hour and a half before we went before a magistrate; she owned it at the publick-house , and before the justice.

289. + Mary Kelly , of St. George Bloomsbury , was indicted (with Elizabeth Johnson, not taken) for stealing thirteen silk handkerchiefs, value 48 s. the property of Francis Flower , in his shop , May 17 .

Flower. In King's-street, Bloomsbury . I had but one servant in the shop, and I heard two people there; I was busy writing backwards, and did not go into the shop; afterwards I heard a third person come in, it was in the dusk of the evening, and I thought three persons were too many for my boy to serve, and the Prisoner at the bar, or another woman, had some money in her hand, and paid for a handkerchief. A neighbour came in and cautioned me, that if such a person was not gone, to examine her, for she believed she was a shop-lifter . The handkerchiefs were all in a confusion, but the boy gave me a pretty good account, and I was satisfied; and I did not miss the handkerchiefs till the Friday following, and then I missed a piece. Mrs. Wycherly sent me word, that she had been searching after her goods, and had found her muslin, and that she believed she had seen some handkerchiefs that she had seen at my house. I went to Mrs. Wycherly, and she told me, if I would go with her in the evening, she believed she could find the people that had them; I told her I should take it very kindly. Mrs. Wycherly saw the two women [the Prisoner and Elizabeth Johnson ] accidentally coming by, just about the dusk of the evening; these two women were taken up, and carried before Justice Broadhead .

Esham. Mr. Flowe came to my shop on Saturday last, in the morning, and said I had got very pretty handkerchiefs , and he looked at them, and said he believed they were his, and I went with him to the Justice's.

Lickley . Because I was in no other company; we went out of the house together; when I was got about ten doors down the street, she turned back again ; then she was got about three doors; I went back again, and followed her into the house, and she asked me if I had no money; I said, I would pawn my watch for a pint of beer; she said I had no watch; I said I had; but when I felt for it, it was gone. The landlord began to push me out of doors, and I said, keep your hands off me, or I will shew you something else.

David Paine . I live in Spittle-fields; about this day month I heard somebody knock at the door, and I saw a man bowing and scraping, and he said he was glad to see me , and hoped I was well, and as soon as I opened the door he shook me by the hand , and asked me if I did not know him? and this woman [Eliz. Joblin] told me in French that the man who was talking to me had robbed me, and he said, there's nothing in it, Sir, there'sSee original nothing in it; which made me believe he understood French; I asked her again, and she said, he had stole some handkerchiefs , and had put them into his pocket; I said, what do you mean by coming to me in this manner? you are an impudent fellow, and I will know you now before I part from you, and I said I would search him, and when he found me positive , he took the handkerchiefs out of his pocket; these are the handkerchiefs; I believe he thought that the woman saw him take them , and so came in that manner to make her think he was acquainted with me. 041b061a72


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