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Unraid Serial Crack PATCHED

The USB Flash device must be one that has a unique hardware GUID (serial number) built into it. Some manufacturers re-use the same GUID on the drives they manufacture, use a GUID that is all zeroes, or use an obviously made-up number. These drives are not able to be used as an Unraid boot device. Although it is difficult to generalize, drives from most major manufacturers do satisfy the requirement of having a unique GUID.

Unraid Serial Crack

To use a registered copy of unRAID, whether the Plus or Pro version, the flash drive must have a valid GUID. A GUID is like a product serial number, but does not actually exist on the flash drive. It is constructed by the Linux kernel from the flash drive's manufacturer, product ID, and internal serial number. The foolproof way to check if your device has a usable GUID, is to download the UnRAID software, extract it to your flash drive (USB Flash Drive Preparation), boot unRAID in a test machine, go to the Web Management page (top of the UnRAID Manual), and just select/copy/paste the GUID from the Devices tab. If the last 12 characters of your Flash GUID are all zeros, then it does **not** have a serial number and you can **not** register it. You can also utilize a Microsoft utility UVCView.mspx from within Windows to determine the USB device's GUID (which consists of idVendor+idProduct+0000+iSerialNumber), but this is unofficial, and should not be used for registration.

I have the need to apply a serial number to my VM so it will work with some Intune testing i'm doing. I have an existing Win10 VM and edited the XML file using recommendations from the following other threads:

As stated above the disk serial is not consistent, have a look at the screenshots.When I switch between Instance the serial changes every time.My problem with this is that I have an piece of expensive software I use in an VM, but licensing system of that software works on the HDD Serial.So I'm not able to use the software.Is there an possible solution to fix the serial number? e.g. set it forever?


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