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How Transparent Data Encryption Works In SQL Server 2008

Data is a critical asset of every organization, and poorly-secured databases are too often to blame for security breaches. This article details SQL server security best practices, as well as essential security considerations for protecting your databases from malicious attacks.

How transparent data encryption works in SQL Server 2008

When it comes to SQL Server security, physical security cannot be overlooked. Physical security refers to limiting unauthorized access to data centers or other physical server components. For example, you can implement a locked room with restricted access using a smart card, fingerprint or face recognition. You can also configure a restricted network segment for SQL Server.

Microsoft provides SQL Server Audit, a tool built into SQL Server, which reads transaction logs and records information about data and object changes in your database. You can use it to create server-level audits and database-level audits, with several auditing levels.

In order to successfully restore a TDE encrypted database to a different server you will need to backup the existing certificate on the source server and then export it to the new/destination server.


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