A lot of people find themselves stuck somewhere they don’t belong. They might be alive but definitely not living life . Mma is a sport which is considered violent, savage, even gory by many. But what most people don’t know is that most fighters didn’t join mma because they wanted to fight, rather some were battling depression, some had nothing in life that excites them and some were bullied. No matter how bad your situation is, but moment when you step into the ring and your heart beats faster than anything, you feel alive. The adrenaline rush makes you forget about any problem in your life and to be honest at that time your opponent is the only problem. Whether you win or you lose, fighting teaches you to respect everything in life because when you get hit you realise you are not made of armour but you are tough enough to take it as well. People join mma for a lot of reasons but they all stay because it because it becomes a part of your soul . Mma is more than a sport it’s a lifestyle.

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